The Digital Marketing Client Questionnaire: The Questions We Ask

What is a Digital Marketing Client Questionnaire?

Simply put, questionnaires are research tools.  Similar to survey forms, questionnaires help digital marketing agencies gather additional information about their client’s business.

The main difference is forms depend on the client to provide full & complete information.  With some clients,  a well-built intake form is all you need.

However, more often than not, clients get lazy filling out their intake or just haven’t thought about their business in a way that would allow them to properly answer your questions.

Enter The Digita Marketing Client Questionnaire.

At MassConvert, new clients are automatically asked to schedule an onboarding call after completing their intake forms.

Before their call, we review the intake responses and plug relevant information they have provided into the questionnaire template.

During that onboarding call is when the magic happens.  It’s when you artfully deliver questions from your questionnaire in a manner that is fluid and allows the client to talk.

If you are providing Google Ads / PPC Management services you’ll want to position your questions around paid search.  If you are an SEO Company providing Local SEO services you should position the questions around organic search.

Remember, the point of a questionnaire isn’t to just get what pops into a client’s mind on paper.  It’s to get them really thinking about things from your perspective.

Questions To Include On Your Client Questionnaire

Although we break up the questions into a few different groups, you shouldn’t just ask them all in order.  If you let the questions come out naturally, your clients will end up answering some of the questions without you even asking.

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