Coronavirus updates: Bernie Sanders calls for $2,000 cash payments

Bernie Sanders calls for monthly $2,000 payment to every US household during coronavirus crisis

Sen. Bernie Sanders called Tuesday for a monthly $2,000 payment to every U.S. household for the duration of the coronavirus crisis. 

“We can do it. We can address this crisis. We can minimize the pain,” the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate said during a livestream on a night when Florida, Illinois and Arizona hold primary elections.

The senator also called for unemployment insurance of up to 100% of a worker’s prior salary with a cap of $75,000. He proposed a moratorium on evictions, foreclosures and utility shutoffs, and a waiver on all student loan payments as workers face job losses. 

Sanders also called for Medicare to handle all costs for emergency coverage during the crisis. He pushed for the government to use emergency authority to spur increased production of supplies such as masks and ventilators. 

Officials in Washington have scrambled to head off economic disaster as the restaurant, travel and entertainment industries take a drubbing from the outbreak. Many cities and states have shut down schools and regular activities to encourage residents to stay home and prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease. 

Congress is working on a massive stimulus package that could cost more than $1 trillion, with more measures to combat the outbreak likely ahead. The Trump administration’s stimulus proposal could include a one-time cash payment to all Americans, an idea that has gained traction among Republicans.

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