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Experimentation is at the heart of everything or digital marketing agency do. We react quickly to harness innovations and evolutions across the online marketing landscape, helping keep our clients one step ahead of their competitors.

By constantly evaluating our activity, we are able to uncover any elements that can be further optimised and adjusted to drive progress. This is where our continuous campaign improvement really starts to make a difference, helping accelerate our digital marketing campaigns ahead of the competition.

These ‘experimental’ online marketing tactics are always monitored closely. We constantly measure and evaluate the success of our innovations to ensure they are delivering the necessary return on investment, according to the objectives we have agreed for the digital campaign.

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Superawesome as one of the top 20 digital marketing agencies of 2019 — Heads Up! by Superawesome

This year’s been great for us, to be honest, and hopefully it will stay like that. We’ve been pretty busy with some big and important projects, we’ve doubled the team, expanded our office space, things are going really well – of course, we have minor issues on a daily basis, but who doesn’t?

And with all these changes, we kind of neglected our readers and fellow followers who would like to know what’s going on at the Superawesome design agency, but I can promise you one thing – we will try to give more regular updates from now on.

All in all, we have some good news!

We’re honored to be on the list of top 20 digital agencies, as it’s always a surprise and great pleasure when someone acknowledges your work. The pleasure is even greater when this appreciation comes from the people who are in the same line of business as you are.

Anyhow, Sprawsm has been featured by Design Rush as one of the top 20 digital agencies of 2019  to work with. We are thankful to Design Rush, a B2B marketplace that connects agencies and brands, for conducting research and compiling a list of 20 digital agency that are recommended to clients for their efficiency and for offering good value for money. At the same time, we’re very proud of this accomplishment but have to add that this has been a joint effort of all our team members, both old and new.

More info can be found in the Design Rush article. Feel free to browse through as you might find some future business partners, you never know.

In honour of hard workers and all our friends everywhere: stay true to what you love doing, work harder and live smarter! May success come your way sooner than you expect!

So long and thank you for reading this far 🙂

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F&B Digital Marketing Training Accelerator

Training Vision Institute has specially designed a digital marketing course to help businesses mitigate the impact of the outbreak and continue to increase sales during this time. After the Circuit Breaker was implemented, citizens are now required to practice elevated safe-distancing; with students doing home-based learning and the workforce continuing their work from home.

Not all F&B businesses are allowed to operate now and dining-in is strictly prohibited. Many are turning to using delivery apps and online platforms to continue attracting consumers. However, an article from Channel News Asia, it was reported that restaurants will experience a 80% revenue downfall during and after Covid-19. 

Restaurants may face difficulties adjusting to the digital space, especially now that the competition is tougher than ever. It’s all about challenging traditional mindsets and dominating the digital landscape.

Training Vision Institute’s F&B Digital Marketing Training Accelerator can help F&B businesses overcome the effects of this pandemic. The programme is designed for business owners to explore digital marketing strategies and implement campaigns that will attract footfall into their online platforms and continue to generate revenue. 

The programme will be available on TVI Online, our very own e-learning platform. Leaders and staff can both upskill using our 40 hours of work-from-home friendly content.

Companies may choose between two packages:

Business can also enjoy the following benefits:

A training grant of $3,600 from Enterprise Singapore 

Companies will only pay $400* after the training grant 

A $500 completion bonus after successfully execution a digital campaign 

Our team will provide coaching on how to execute and maintain a Facebook marketing campaign even after completion of the programme. 

We only have 200 slots available for this programme. Register here to reserve your seat. 

Now is the time to challenge traditional mindsets and discover new ways to attract, retain and deliver the best customer experience to your consumers. 

Apply now!

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Koein is seeking a sales executive – Koein blog featuring digital marketing trends and news

Koein is looking for a Sales Executive in Lebanon. Would you be the person we are looking for?

We are seeking a sales executive for an e-commerce brand. To apply, drop us an email with your CV to
Country base : Lebanon 

The candidate should demonstrate excellent presentation and communication skills allowing to foster solid relationships with both existing and prospective clients.

– Undergraduate Degree,
– 2 years experience.

We are also hiring a Webmaster. More info on this link 

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Best Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore | Digital Marketing Company – IDZ

Enrich your brand with digital marketing services in Bangalore

Recognized company for best digital marketing services in Bangalore

Worried about your brand visibility and lead conversion? Is your competitor ahead in the race of online business? Well, you definitely need a brilliant strategy to nos you up!

iDZ can help you create keyword optimized content, boost your online revenue, pull up your ranking and highlight your brand generating more leads, increasing customer engagement from existing and new clients, while you get busy taking business, a lot of it!

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Internet Marketing For Mortgage Brokers 2019 Edition, Ascend Web Media

Search engine optimization has gotten a bad name in recent years due to people selling over-hyped promises only to be smacked down by the Google gods. It can be difficult if you are looking to exploit the latest “loophole.”

Believe me, I’ve served time in Google’s stupidity jail years ago, and I have no plan on returning.


SEO, today is about doing activities that get your brand known on the part of the web where your potential customers hang out.

This activity is broken into two primary segments:


On page can be best described as the things you do on your site that show the search engine that you know your stuff, that you are an “authority” in your field.

This means that the information on your site needs to be helpful and well organized in the eyes of your prospects. Do you have content that is explanatory, teaching people about the mortgage process in depth? Or do you do like most sites that have a simple glossary and a widget that shows current rates?

If that’s your website, then you are in trouble…

Google and Bing will care less about anything you have to offer if that’s the case.

Additionally, you need to show that you care about how they consume the information on your site. Make it easy for Google to figure out where everything is.

Part of this process is making sure your site’s navigation makes sense. For instance, you have an XML sitemap, your images are well labeled, your site is secure, it’s mobile friendly, loads fast, etc.


Off-page optimization deals with your reputation on the web. Who is talking about you and your company? What kinds of links have you earned from other websites with information topically related to yours? Do you have links/mentions from sites that the search engines already know and trust?

This off page portion is where companies get into the most trouble. They’ve heard that they have to build links and those links should have keywords.

You go to a forum and find that someone is selling a “Google Friendly” link package for only $50 that guaranteed to “crush” the search engines.

Those sellers will say fancy things like “natural anchor text distribution” and that there “services leave no footprint” and other ridiculous claims.

Steer clear!

The best way to get links is to earn them by putting out great content and promoting that content.

Ok, I already hear you asking… What is great content?

Great question, by the way.

The answer is…

It Depends

Sorry, but it does. However, there is a shortcut to figuring it out.

First, think of the types of questions that people ask you about different aspects of the mortgage process. Can you create an article that answers those questions in depth? Or create a detailed video?

Think about that core question and do a search on Google and look at the sites ranking for that phrase. What kind of content do those companies have (images, articles, video, audio)? How many words are in that article?

Look at each of the top 10 results and take note of what you see.

Now that you’ve seen the competition, ask yourself how your company can do MUCH better.

Not just a little, a LOT. Aim for being the best source on the web for that information. If you are, guess how much easier it becomes to get links, social shares, and cheering fans! (ok maybe not that last part)

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Digital Marketing Course in Raipur|Classroom Training Institute in Raipur | Easy Digi Academy

Easy Digi Academy is Raipur’s 1st Practical Oriented Training Institute. As the state of Chhattisgarh is now ready to kick-start another round of sustainability and development, we aim to spread the knowledge and power of digital marketing to its people. With the most recent mobile and digital technology innovations, we believe in the ‘Make in India’ motto, where we want to help our own people go a step ahead in digital marketing and technology. We aim to encourage and support digital marketing learners in Chhattisgarh and provide them with a platform to improve their knowledge and skills about digital technology.

” EDA has been an enriching experience for me in terms of practical exposure and value that I have received. I have never come across any of the inconvenience regarding my doubts, which I think is commendable. Also, new ideas and thoughts were always welcome in the room. Internship after completing my course has given me a lot of meaningful insights that will help me in the real field. EDA has also introduced me to some ongoing projects that have made me more fluent in my workflow. Overall, EDA holds up the potential to transform students into a substantial digital marketer for the future in the real field. ”

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Koein is looking for a Webmaster – Koein blog featuring digital marketing trends and news

Koein is hiring a Webmaster in Lebanon. Would you fit the job description?

We are looking for a Webmaster for an e-commerce brand. To apply, you can send us an email with your CV at
Country base : Lebanon 

The candidate should be able to manage visual and verbal content and rigorously feed the platform with continuous updates.

– Undergraduate Degree
– Good knowledge of Adobe Photoshop

We are also seeking a sales executive. More info on this link

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