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make sure to suscribe 🙂 hey guys, this video was honestly very therapeutic to make. i was so infuriated by hearing about this scandal. It hurt me that so many good kids got their opportunity taken away by someone who cheated. regardless, im happy i aired it out and hopefully justice will be served. its late so i should be in bed…. night yall

College Cheating Scandal: The Movie

The breaking news of the college cheating scandal makes me think that I’ve got to sit my two teen kids down and explain to them how sorry I am that my wife and I don’t have the wherewithal to get them into college. Forget about paying for it once they get admitted! This scandal might seem like something out of a Hollywood movie. After all, two actresses, Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin, have been named in the case. The alleged facts, if true, are awful, with rich and sometimes famous parents spending tens of thousands in order to artificially get their children admitted to some of the best colleges in the country. While there is no doubt that screenwriters are watching this story closely, there have been films over the years that touch on cheating to get into college. One of the most prominent has to be 1983’s “Risky Business.” The Paul Brickman film, starring youngsters Tom Cruise and Rebecca De Mornay, has a disillusioned Chicago teen named Joel (Cruise) left alone while his parents vacation. Needless to say, Joel throws a party. “Risky Business” contains many notable scenes including Cruise dancing alone in his underwear to Bob Seger’s hit “Old Time Rock and Roll.” And if that image isn’t enough for you to revisit this ‘80s minor classic, there is another sequence, that in light of the current college cheating scandal, takes on fresh significance. Below is a clip that I excised from a clips compilation by YouTuber Radu Grigoras ( in which Joel meets with an Ivy League school representative, played by a very droll Richard Masur. Of course, this interview is anything but typical, because it just happens to takes place while Joel and his partner in crime Lana (De Mornay) are operating a pop-up brothel in Joel’s family suburban home. Needless to say, things work out for Joel. But the seriousness of the real world events in which parents are alleged to have invented sports achievements and assisted their children in cheating on the SAT cannot be ignored. As a part-time college professor, this story has hit very close to home. My students, at a fine state university, have worked very hard to get into college and even harder to maintain high enough grades to take advantage of state funding opportunities and, of course, to earn a much needed degree. This scandal unfairly damages the value of an honest education. It’s a very sad day. But the other detail that really riles me is the fact that the parents of these privileged students obviously couldn’t accept that their children would rub elbows with the great unwashed, attending a local community college or what is thought of wrongly as a lesser institution of higher learning. It is a despicable attitude, an odious and callous personality defect. Sure, we all want the best for our offspring, but the best parents allow their children to fail and learn from setbacks. Love is not one’s own petty pride; love is love regardless. For more movie commentary, film reviews, and trailers visit

How I got into UT Austin and USC (through hard work)

Hi guys! As the college admissions scandal has been on the news lately, I decided to film a video about two colleges that I applied to that were a part of the scandal (University of Texas at Austin and University of Southern California). I was admitted to both in 2017. I hope that this gives insight on my process and can bring clarity to any questions that you guys might have had about anything.

Delhi – The Heart of Incredible India | SERIES FINALE | Hungama Kids

Hungama Kids brings to you a distinct series about Incredible India. This week on finale episode we will be visiting to the heart of india that is Dildaar Delhi

Hello Friends,

Welcome to Incredible India. If I had to ask you, which is the place or city in India known for fun, food, and shopping, what would be your answer? Let me make it easy for you..It is also the political hub of India.. Yes, you guessed it right. I am talking about the capital of India Delhi, which actually is The Union Territory of Delhi

In the year 1911, the capital of India changed from the old capital of India, Calcutta, to Delhi and in 1931 Delhi started functioning as the capital territory of India.

The name of this place has many stories to it, but the most popular story says that… The ruler of the Mauryan Empire, Dillu, named the city after him in 50 B.C. Let’s see its geographical location. Located in Northern India and borders the Indian states of Haryana on the northwest and south; Rajasthan on the Southwest and Uttar Pradesh (UP) to the east, this territory is the largest city of India. Hindi is the official language while English, Punjabi, and Urdu are also widely spoken. The religion distribution pattern is as follows: Hinduism is 89.8%, Islam 16%, Sikhism approx.5%, and Christianity 2.5%.

Let me tell you an interesting fact. People often think that both Delhi and New Delhi are the names of the same place..but it is not the case. Both are different! New Delhi, is an urban district and apart from it being a territory it is also the capital of India and is a part of the city of Delhi.

Let’s talk about the most significant part of this territory – economy, and industries. Delhi ranked 6th out of 10 best performing metro economies around the world. The key Industries of this region include Banking, financial services, insurance, Agriculture, processed food, construction, real estate, Information Technology, Tourism, and Logistics.

Now, another interesting fact. Do you know that due to every political rally, this city is also known as the city of rallies?

Well, Yamuna is the only major river which flows in Delhi. Well, talking about visiting this city you would need to visit this city multiple times to see all the important places because the list is quite a long one. Delhi is truly a street shopper’s paradise..the popular markets being dilli haat, karol bagh market, gaffar market , connaught place, janpath market, sarojini market and chandni chowk. Don’t forget to visit Khari baoli market at the old Delhi, as it is Asia’s largest spice market! There are also many options available for Nature lovers – national zoological park, sultanpur national park, kalesar national park to name a few. Let me share an amazing fact here…besides Nairobi, New Delhi is said to be the world’s second most bird-rich capital city…wow Did you know that? The main bird sanctuaries you can see in and around Delhi are okhla bird sanctuary, surajpur bird sanctuary, pangot, and Kilbury bird sanctuary, Bharatpur bird sanctuary. There are a lot of mosques and monuments of the Mughal era – Jama Masjid, Red Fort, Humayun’s tomb, and Qutab Minar. Apart from these, the other popular hangout spots are lodhi gardens, hauz khas, jantar mantar, bahai ya lotus temple, akshardham temple, gurdwara bangla sahib, national museum, national crafts museum, national rail museum, rashtrapati bhavan.

Shah Rukh Khan, Deepak Chopra, Bipasha Basu, Akshay Kumar, Pervez Musharraf, Mohinder Amarnath, Ajay Jadeja jaise celebs Delhi se hi belong karte hain.

Concept by Dr. Vandana Sharma:

Vandana Sharma is a Ph.D. in Management, UGC (NET) qualified and experienced faculty of PGDM, MBA, PGDMM and BBA including J K Business School, Gurugram Area, J K Business School, Gurugram Area, India, ICFAI – Adam Smith Institute of Management, Gurugram Area, GJ-Institute of Management and Technology, Mohali Area, DAV College, Chandigarh Area and some part-time engagements. She has been pursuing her passion for academics for 14+ years and evolved with experience in holistic management of business programs. She is a proficient academic administrator for student empowerment activities, research work, curriculum development, summer internships, field visits, events and admissions. She has written several research papers in journals, articles in case studies and news articles. She is now venturing into writing short story for kids in collaboration with Hungama Kids with original ideas.

Narrator – Prachi Chaube

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College Planning Masters Testimonial Video

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The NCAA: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

The NCAA doesn’t pay athletes because they consider them amateurs. The NCAA considers them amateurs because they don’t get paid.

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